About the Creator


Kerry Croft was born on June 15, 1980. This multi-talented, young, fashion designer, businesswoman and philanthropist has been known for her relentless determination, ambition and desire to make her mark on the minority community.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, where poverty was no stranger to many families, her mother was adamant about ensuring opportunity and quality education for her daughter. The decision was made to leave Kingston to come to the United States with little but the hope for the promise that was only read about – the pursuit of the American dream. Kerry was focused on making her mother’s decision worthwhile.

Kerry always demonstrated a willingness to do things her own way at an early age. As a teenager, her love affair with fashion, beauty and health became the mainstay of her career aspirations. She graduated with honors from Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, Virginia, after pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising. At age 26, Kerry moved to New York City to seek out and embrace the real-life hustle and experience of the fashion hub of the United States.


It wasn’t long before Kerry began to make a name for herself, quickly climbing the ladder at Kenneth Cole Reaction where she was given full creative control in the development of their men’s suiting line. Her keen eye for fashion, strong work ethic and international resourcefulness earned her the respect of her colleagues. 

Whereas the vision for The Vitamin M Box was planted years before, Kerry did not want to give birth to the brand until she could fuse her love of supporting young entrepreneurs and passion for fashion and beauty products with real-life experience and industry knowledge. She has taken the last several years to test the existing market and bring the model to fruition.

Kerry's commitment to making a lasting difference and constantly innovating the product discovery experience is undeniable. She wanted to create not only an awareness for her customer base, but a new way for them to shop up-and-coming product lines and support minority entrepreneurs. The Vitamin M Box is a monthly subscription box of curated health, fashion and beauty products, etc. Each item has a story and Kerry is committed to telling it. 


“Yes, there are quite a few monthly subscription boxes out there. But there is not ONE like The Vitamin M BoX. One that sets out to embrace the uniqueness of our culture, empower our entrepreneurial dreams and have fun while changing the face of our communities.”